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Devil's Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge (in Turkish called Şeytan Köprüsü) is a mediaeval bridge on the Arda River. It is constructed over a picturesque defile, 10 kilometers Northwest of Ardino and near Dyadovtsi Village.


Thracian Sanctuary "Eagle’s Cliffs"

The Thracian Sanctuary is placed at about 3 kilometers south of Ardino. This is a unique Ancient Thrace artifact in Bulgaria. The cliffs were excavated by a human at an inaccessible height – more than a hundred rock niches called necropolis, were made in


Kaleto Thracian Fortress

The ruins of the Kaleto Fortress near Ardino can be found in the Eagle’s Cliffs location. It is about 500 meters away from this Thracian Sanctuary.


Krivus Fortress

The mediaeval fortress of Krivus can be found 1.56 kilometers northwest from the center of Bashevo village.


Karaburun Peak

The Karaburun Peak (in Turkish “Black cape”) is 1027 m in height and is located on the watershed between the rivers Malka Arda and Arda, just before the two rivers flow into one another.


Alada Peak

One of the highest peaks in the Eastern Rhodope – 1240 m. It is situated on the border between Ardino, Djebel and Nedelino.