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Tourists routes in the Ardino Municipality

The Town of ArdinoBelite Brezi (Silver Birches) Complex – the Devil’s Bridge – the Town of Ardino – the Eagle’s Cliffs

The tourist complex of Belite Brezi (Silver Birches) is situated 7 km away from the town of Ardino and is a natural birch reserve. This is one of the most picturesque places in the region, known for the exceptionally clear air. Marked tourist path leads to the Devil’s Bridge – a unique construction facility dating back to the XVI century. The Devil’s Bridge is a cultural artifact and the car access to the place is forbidden. The Eagle’s Cliffs are accessible from the town of Ardino. It is said that the place is a Thracian sanctuary for cult practices. There are more than a hundred niches in the form of trapezium, different by size, carved in the cliffs. The sanctuary is declared a cultural artifact.


The Bashevo village – the Krivus Fortress

The Krivus Fortress is placed about 2 kilometers north of the Bashevo village. It is situated on one of the most spectacular meanders of the Arda River. The place is accessible on foot from the village. The entrance, the thick fortress wall, the defence towers and the citadel are still preserved. The fortress is specific with its underground tunnel, supplying the place with water directly from the river.


The Town of Ardino – the Kaleto Fortress – the Alada Peak

On the way to the Garbishte village and just before the settlement one can find the ruins of the Thracian fortress Kaleto. It is getting difficult to notice in the surrounding but it is a stone construction with no mortar. The fortress was in the form of improper circle with a diameter of 67 meters. About 500 meters away is the Eagle’s Cliffs area. From there one can continue his or her route to the Alada Peak (God’s Mountain). The peak is 1240 meters high and is easy to climb. There is a splendid panoramic view to the peaks Persenk and Prespa from the top.