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Pupils’ Contest ‘My Homeland in Poems’

HEC Gorna Arda is inviting the pupils of Ardino Municipality (1-12 grade) to take part in a poem contest themed ‘My Homeland in Poems’.

Describe in poetic form your homeland’s nature and the things you cherish and love about it! There is no limitation of the number of verses or the poem’s form – you are free to decide whether the poem would be in rhymes or in free verse. Send your poems by email to konkurs.ga@gmail.com, providing your full name, grade and school. The poems must be written by individuals, not by a group of pupils or an entire class.

The contest participants will be divided in three categories depending on their age: Primary School Pupils (1-4 grade), Middle School Pupils (5-7 grade) and High School Pupils (8-12 grade). The winners of first, second and third place in each category will receive prizes. Encouragement awards will be handed out too.

The deadline for sending the poems is November 15, 2016.

We are expecting you!