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Photo contest on “Water”

Take a picture of WATER in all its forms!

HEC Gorna Arda announces a photo contest on “Water”

Give free rein to your imagination – take a picture of the water around you – raind drops, waterfalls, dams, puddles, rivers, creeks, fountains… and so much more! Use a camera, a phone, a tablet… or whatever else comes handy.

All pupils from Ardino Municipality can submit their photos (up to THREE pictures emailed to konkurs.ga@gmail.com).

The participants will be divided into three age groups: Junior (1-4 grade), Medium (5-7 grade) and Senior (8-12 grade).

Be active and enter – apart from you having fun while taking pictures, the authors of the most liked photos will get AWARDS too!

Please send only your author pictures. Write when the picture was taken and what you photographed! Write also your name, your grade, age and the school you go to!

The deadline for submission of photos is November 30.