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HEC "Gorna Arda" awarded the winners and participants in the essay contest "The Power of the Arda River"


On December 20, 2012 in the cultural center in Ardino, HEC "Gorna Arda" awarded the winners and participants in the essay contest on the theme of "The Power of the Arda River". Special guests at the ceremony were the Mayor of Ardino Municipality Resmi Murad, his deputy Nedzhmi Hodjovo, the Chairman of the City Council Bayram Sezgin and the Secretary of the Municipality Kemal Aliyev.

Over 80 essays were submitted by graduates of schools in Ardino Municipality. Here are the names of the winners:

Winners in the age category 1 - 4 class:

First place: Kardelen Turan - 1B class, V. Levski School, Ardino

Second place: Ismail Osmanov - 4A class, Hr. Botev School, Ardino

Third place: Elif Mehmedova - 3 class, A. S. Makarenko School, Borovitsa

Winners in the age category 5 - 7 class:

First place: Gabriela Palazova - 7 class, V. Levski School, Ardino

Second place: Angel Yordanov - 6 class, St. St. Kiril and Methodiy School, Padina

Third place: Barash Ibryam - 7 class, St. St. Kiril and Methodiy School, Gorno Prahovo

Winners in the age category 8 - 12 class:

First place: Sonia Simova - 9 class,  V. Levski School, Ardino

Second place: Irena Dimitrova - 11  class, V. Levski School, Ardino

Third place: Mahmoud Ahmed - 8 class, A. S. Makarenko School, Borovitsa

Also some special prizes were awarded.

Awards for spelling were given to Yumer Ellis - 2B class, V. Levski School, Ardino and to Desi Chausheva - 6 class, St. St. Kiril and Methodiy School, Gorno Prahovo.

Awards for calligraphy went to Melik Aliyev - 1B class, V. Levski School, Ardino and to Aysun Karabekirova, 3 class, V. Levski School, Ardino.

For the original texts were awarded Elin Ismail - 2B class,  V. Levski School, Ardino; Emran Mehmed - 4 class, St. St. Kiril and Methodiy School, Gorno Prahovo; Myuge Yumerova - 2 class, A. S. Makarenko School, Borovitsa and Ellis Aydonova, 4 class Hristo Smirnenski School, Byal Izvor. 

The prizes for the TOP winners were readers for e-books. All other winners got books. All children who participated in the contest received diplomas.

Special gift from HEC "Gorna Arda" for all graduates of schools in Ardino Municipality was a performance of Kardzhali Dramatic Theatre "Dimitar Dimov".